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Dan Martell’s Video Ads Guide

Check out Dan Martell’s page here.

I found this and wanted to share this because I make videos also.

His guide is excellent! It helped me understand the structure of a good video.

EEZ Video is an awesome and impressive platform.
Customize amazing video intros and video clips within few minutes.
EEZ Video produces professional results and easy to use.

I use EEZVideo to make clips and merge them to make excellent branded logo intros and trailers, further all type videos for any need. EEZVideo has thousands of theme matched templates to satisfy any niche.

You can get a subscription to EEZ Video for less than $50. and get 10 renders to check it out for a month.
Your choice of landscape, portrait and vertical templates to keep your branding consistent.
There are many choices of customizable individual and theme clips, custom sound clips, special effects and more.
A nice feature before rendering the clip is the preview window to make sure you get what you want in each render.

Insert your logo and content then choose colors and content.
Preview the video you render make your adjustments, render and download.
Merge your clips in any video editor and your done!
While your in the editor you can add any voice-over you wish.

Need a few more clips to finish a product?
Each clip costs the equivalent cost per render calculated by current subscription.
If you decide to upgrade, the date of your subscription will move forward.
If you do not use all your renders each month they do not carry over.
Any additional renders added to your monthly subscription are $5.00 each.
Please make sure to order only what you expect to use but get enough of the good stuff.

Pricing cost by Render:

Starter One Month 10 Render Subscription for $49.70 = $4.97 ea.

Level 1 One Month 25 Render Subscription for $124.25 = $4.97 ea.

Level 2 One Month 75 Render Subscription for $297.75 = $3.97 ea.

Level 3 One Month 125 Render Subscription for $443.75 = $3.55 ea.

Level 4 One Month 300 Render Subscription for $741.00 = $2.47 ea.

Unlimited One Month Subscription for the Pro $999.97 = A lot of videos!

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