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ADA Compliance for Websites: Solutions and Frantz Enterprise’s Offerings


In this digital age where everything is online ensuring that your website caters to all users including those with disabilities isn’t just a good practice but also mandatory by law. ADA compliance refers to adhering strictly to the guidelines set forth under Americans With Disability Act (ADA) for making websites accessible even for individuals who have some form of impairment or limitation in their physical abilities. Frantz Enterprise offers solutions specifically designed for WordPress and other websites which allow you easily add scripts to achieve complete accessibility compliance without any hassle whatsoever!

ADA Compliance – What You Need To Know

The ADA was enacted in 1990 with the goal of prohibiting discrimination against individuals living with disabilities. Initially focused on physical spaces alone, this law has since been extended to cover digital platforms such as websites too. The primary aim behind ensuring compliance is that people who have any kind of impairment can access information and services provided online without facing barriers or obstacles whatsoever. This way everyone gets equal opportunities regardless of their ability level!

The Importance of ADA Compliance

ADA compliance is not up for debate – it’s mandatory by law. Noncompliance can result in legal consequences such as fines or even lawsuits. Therefore its essential that business owners take necessary steps to ensure their facilities meet accessibility standards set forth under this act. Ignoring these requirements could prove costly both financially and reputationally speaking.
By making your website accessible to all users you can enhance their experience. This includes those with disabilities who are able more easily navigate through content and engage effectively with whats presented on screen. The result is a better overall user journey that benefits everyone involved in the process.
By making your website ADA compliant you can extend its reach and market share by catering to individuals with disabilities. This move could translate into increased traffic, conversions, and potential customers for businesses looking to grow their customer base. With this in mind it is essential that companies prioritize accessibility when designing websites or updating existing ones. By doing so they’ll be able to tap into an often overlooked segment of the population while also demonstrating a commitment towards inclusionary practices.

ADA Compliance Solutions

To ensure that your website meets ADA compliance standards there are various solutions available. Frantz Enterprise is a leading provider of these solutions with options specifically tailored for WordPress websites and other platforms. Consider using their services to guarantee accessibility on all devices and browsers.
Frantz Enterprise has developed a user friendly plugin for WordPress websites that simplifies the process of achieving ADA compliance. The plugin scans your website and provides recommendations on necessary improvements to ensure WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility standards are met. With Frantz Enterpr you can rest assured knowing that your WordPress site is fully accessible by all users regardless of their abilities or disabilities. This plug in makes it easy for anyone with little technical knowledge to make significant strides towards creating an inclusive online environment where everyone feels welcome.
Frantz Enterprise has developed a script integration solution that allows websites built on non WordPress platforms to become ADA compliant. With the addition of this provided script you can ensure your website meets accessibility requirements regardless of its underlying technology. Don’t miss out on reaching all users – consider using Frantzs innovative tool today!

Why Choose Frantz Enterprise?

Frantz Enterprise’s solutions are crafted with simplicity in mind, making it effortless for website owners and developers to incorporate ADA compliance measures. This user friendly approach ensures that everyone can benefit from an accessible online experience without sacrificing functionality or design aesthetics. With Frantz Enterprises at your side you can rest assured knowing that accessibility is just one click away!
Frantz Enterprise offers a unique opportunity to tailor accessibility features according to your specific website requirements and target audience. This customization feature sets them apart from other providers in the market. Take advantage of this offer today!
Frantz Enterprise offers ongoing monitoring and updates to guarantee that your website remains ADA compliant as regulations change. This service ensures peace of mind for businesses who prioritize accessibility in their digital presence.


Achieving ADA compliance for your website is not only a legal obligation but also an ethical responsibility. By making sure that everyone can access and use it without any barriers or obstacles you’re creating a more inclusive online environment where all users feel welcome regardless of their abilities or disabilities. Frantz Enterprise offers customized solutions tailored specifically to WordPress websites as well as other platforms so achieving this goal becomes much easier than ever before! Don’t miss out on the chance to tap into new audiences by ensuring that your site meets these standards today!